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Old Pics of Kristen and Taylor at the LA Press Junket




That’s it ! I met Bella Swan and Jacob Black … well …Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner ! The two twilight’s actors were really nice!
On the second floor of the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills was held a press junket where I was going to meet the two great actors of Twilight. Obviously, when you met a celebrity, you always wonder how they look in real life (without makeup, hairstylists, touch ups …)
Yesterday, I had the same feeling when I met Justin Bieber in Paris: they’re as beautiful!
All the journalists were dazzled!

We were 10 journalists from around the world, sitting around a table, ready to ask our questions to the actors of Twilight. Taylor Lautner arrived first! Relaxed, he sat down among us with a big smile, waving to the room: “Hi, how are you?” It’s difficult to tell he just turned 18, he seems so at ease with the press! He jokes, expresses himself well … It looks like it’s part of him. Speaking of his appearance (I know that’s what you’re interested in), where do I begin? Taylor has a unique face: an intense look, great skin and shiny hair. He’s dress casualy: jeans, grey t-shirt and a black blazer that shows his defined muscles. Big crus on taylor Lautner, he’s really nice!

Kristen is less at ease than Taylor.

Later, Kristen Stewart came into the room! At first, I didn’t notice if she had a beautiful face, a unique charm …, at first sight, she looks liek an average girl. Plus, she doesn’t dress like the usual star. She was wearing skinny jeans with Vans, a white tanktop, a small black cardigan and rubber bands on her wrists.

Just average, I’m telling you ! But when you get a closer look, she has a really nice face! Her haircut is still strange but it’s improving. Faced with the journalists she seems less at ease than Taylor. But it didn’t prevent her from being nice, but we still felt like she wanted to stay in her bed that morning.
That’s all from my meetings. You will soon find Kristen and Tyalor’s interviews in a special Fan2 magazine dedicated to Twilight.

Thanks eurofabulous for the translation

Thanks source via @KstewAngel @KstewRobFans kstewartfans

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