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Kristen Stewart takes off for a run and Taylor Lautners so impressed, he applauds

EXCITED Twilight star Kristen Stewart goes for a run, claps, let’s out a “whoop!” and gets a huge laugh and an applause from co-star Taylor Lautner moments after they enjoyed a thrilling one-hour jet boat ride around Sydney Harbour.

The pair headed out into the world famous bay just five hours after landing in Australia for the spectacular adrenalin ride, which is hugely popular with tourists.

As they got off the boat after the one-hour ride, Kristen and Taylor shook themselves to get rid of some of the water.

Kristen then took off on a run, taking off on foot along one of Sydney’s picturesque wharfs.

At one point she jumped in the air, clapped, yelled “whoop! C’mon!” then ran off around a corner followed by her concerned entourage.

Taylor found it all incredibly funny and burst out laughing, and applauded his friend Kristen as she took off on foot.

He then said he found the whole boat experience: “Very good.”

Kristen, wearing a black hoodie and black jeans, and Taylor, in a plaid shirt and grey slacks, plus their entourage left their exclusive hotel at lunchtime on Sunday (May 30) to board the boat, called Hammer, run by Oz Jet Boating.

The fiery-red boat has a huge shark’s eyes and teeth painted at its front and flames shooting out of the rear.

It can travel at 85km/h and can perform 270-degree spins and the boat has more than 700 horsepower Cummins Diesel engines with Hamilton jet units on it for extra power.

After climbing on board, Kristen, who had also put on a large beanie hat and shades, let out a “Whoo yeah!”

Taylor, also hiding behind some Ray Bans, looked down at his feet and smiled.

From Circular Quay, they headed out into the bay for a thrilling ride, with views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Then – soaking wet from the sea spray – they departed the boat at Walsh Bay, an upmarket area with fancy bars and restaurants.

Other stars to recently enjoy the ride include singer Pink, actor Paul Walker and George Michael.

Kristen, who plays Bella Swan, and Taylor, who plays Jacob Black, are in Australia to promote their new movie, Twilight: Eclipse.

Thanks monstersandcritics via tLautnerbuzz

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